Inspiration everywhere

A big mug of tea

Where do you gain your inspiration? Everywhere, really. 

I’ve seen the US series “Breaking Bad” being used as inspiration for a both a PR Periodic Table and for economics. Personally, I’m more of a “Homeland” and “Under the Dome” person but I doubt I’ll reach for the creative pen anytime soon with their subject matter. 

There’s been times I’ve needed an idea or a nudge, particularly when it comes to presenting and teaching, and inspiration pops out of the blue. For some it’s a walk or a break from daily routine. For others it’s music or, dare I say, a few beers. One thing new tech has allowed is to instantly capture that idea, and in some respects instantly publish it too.

That said, pulling the plug on the tech I think gives my brain a rest from it. Even when it’s demanded of me to come up with comms plans and engagement strategies high on tech, actually walking away from it for a short while does more for my idea creation than the distractions of incoming tweets, emails and ringing phones.

Sometimes it’s actually an inspiration for me to just have some proper human contact with people outside of the new media and communications world.

A walk to the pub, a beer, a random conversation with the landlady or one of the locals.

Switching off daily reality, be it work or the news agenda, can be a very good thing. That short time to disconnect can do so much to re-fuel the creative mind.

Mine’s a large one! 


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